My Top10 List of Annoyers!

Here is My list of Top 10 Annoyers:

10. The VIP movements here in Pakistan, are a real hassle, for it not only causes prolonged traffic jams but also wastes your precious time & to top it all, people that are behind you, keep honking their vehicle’s horn; Knowing fully well that this is a traffic JAM & there is No Where to go! – Welcome to Pakistan.

9. When You are asleep & in the middle of a wonderful dream, suddenly your alarm buzzes off & You Realise that, it was all in your head!

8. When You know that you haven’t studied throughout the year & tomorrow is Your Paper, the Day when YOUR fate would be decided. You Try your utmost to study & whenever you do, something is bound to happen, either some unexpected guests arrive or the electricity goes out! – Load-shedding is a Common feature of the Karachi Metropolis, so just Bear it!

7. When People ask you all the Obvious & STUPID Questions like, Oh You’re here already?… – Umm…NO, I suppose I am still on my way. Hello! Can’t You See I am here right in Front of You! or should I bring You a pair of Eye Glasses to WEAR!

6. When Your Teacher asks a question in the class & no one else wishes to answer & the teacher is forced to pick someone out, why does it always have to be YOU!

5. When friends try to interfere into your personal matters! – Excuse Me I need some PrivacY!

4. When You & your friends meet on weekly gatherings after Friday Sermons; & 4/5 of them only talk about Warcraft DOTA! – Argh…C’mon Grow up People!

3. When it Rains & You feel like going out for a Drive, but You CANNOT! Why? Because, all the roads are flooded & you are not sure which one has potholes & which ones don’t & mind you those that have potholes in them, they are of the size of a fully grown Walrus! – So You simply sit back at Home & enjoy the rest of your Day in Your bed like a Sick old Patient who can expire at any moment.

2. While Playing Chess, when You feel that You have cornered your opponent  & the Game Looks Pretty much over, Suddenly your Opponent Moves his Pawn Forward & there you have it! ‘THE ONLY MOVE THAT YOU FORGOT TO CALCULATE’ – Damn, this always happens when you plan a checkmate & overestimate your Opponent’s intelligence

1. When Your sms is simply ignored. Damn! That really pisses me Off!

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