Degree & Unemployment

Somehow I have managed to take some of my precious time out to vent out some frustration that has been building up now for almost a year. I live in a country where basic necessities are more expensive than bullets. Yup, welcome to Pakistan. Anyways, that’s an other issue I am sure I can write a blog on. Today, I am not going talk about the political situation of my country nor am I going to criticize it’s leadership. I am only pissed by the fact that I am a B.Com graduate who like many others has failed to find a job in the relevant & appropriate field.

After doing my graduation, as my results were in pending, I did.the biggest mistake of my life, look for a job in a call center. Now rumour had it that if whoever joins a call center industry, remains within it forever. Now the mythical rumours are starting to seem true. It has been almost an year for me trying to find a way out from this Job, but so far my attempts have been futile. I have done B.Com from a reputable University & now I am doing MBA, but apathy did not spare me even there. I did my B.Com in hope that some of my courses of MBA would be exempted(since B.Com is held equivalent to BBA) but alas, misery found it’s way back home to none other than me!

When I was taking admission in the University, I was informed that I would not be granted any exemption because I have done B.Com, which is of 2 years. If I had done B.Com(honours) which is of 4 years, I would.have been granted an exemption atleast about 6-8courses of MBA, now thanks to the no good polices of our Educationalists I have to put up with pathetic courses that that I have already cleared in my B.Com. Now doing my masters would take me at least 2.5 years to complete, whereas otherwise it would have only taken a year.

I honestly feel that my country is headed back to stone-age with every successive year that passes by. I sincerely thank the leadership of Pakistan & it’s illiterate voters for wasting a very important period of my professional & educational life.

‘O Lord, have mercy on me & people like me, & grant every educated soul a job in their respective field. Amen’

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