Liverpool, Chelsea & Torres

Alright you football fanatics, as you guys might already know that the biggest transfer had taken place last week in the history of EPL. i.e. the transfer of one of the best strikers of the League from Liverpool FC to Chelsea FC, at a transfer fee of 50 million! Well to be honest, I think this is a big mistake made by Chelsea FC, because if I recall correctly, Fernando Torres was suffering from a knee injury in the World Cup & mind you, such injuries are reoccurring & often career threatening. Surgeries may be conducted to rectify the problem, but the doctors too know it well that surgeries are also a temporary solution unless or until the person refrains from putting strain on his knee.

Furthermore, I also feel that Fernando Torres is not the appropriate type of striker that would fit in Chelsea FC, as Chelsea FC is a team that plays as a Unit, but F.Torres enjoys the ball at his feet, he loves to play solo football. He might have scored in double figures for Liverpool, but I doubt it that he can reproduce his brilliant form for Chelsea FC. You see the problem here is not with Torres, for a lot great strikers in the football history love to play a solo game. Some of them being T.Henry, Ronaldo(Brazilian), etc… The problem here seems to be the mind-set of the team. Liverpool FC largely depended on Torres as their best hope of scoring Goals in the tournament, but in Chelsea FC it doesn’t really matter whether the striker scores or a mid-fielder, as long as the team is going to Win the match. This will affect Fernando Torres’s goal tally for the coming years & yes ultimately it will also make an impact on his market value which slightly fall to around 45 million by the age of retirement..& If Fernando Torres fails to score, we might see an early exit for Carlo Ancelloti from the club, as the Boss, Mr. Roman does not like to make an investment that does not bear fruits.

Also the decision to induct Fernando Torres into the club very well means that Chelsea are ready to let D.Drogba go. Not because they have any differences in between them, but only because Drogba is aging  & he might at best serve the Club for another year. Where would he go, no one knows! For the world of football is the one filled with surprises & so far it has not disappointed me. It’s never easy to carry a price tag of 50 million on your head & to produce equally well, I believe that Chelsea Boss, should exercise patience with Fernando Torres, because every new player needs at least 6 months to become familiar with the Team members & the coach & once any player has done that, there is no stopping his successful run.

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