11th of July & World Cup…

The FIFA World Cup which was held in South Africa, came to a close on 11th of July; after one whole month of entertainment. Spain defeated Netherlands & made history by winning the World Cup for the first time. It was a tough contest fought between the two nations, but in the end Spain came on top with a 1 – 0 victory. A marvelous goal from Andres Iniesta in the closing moments extra time was enough to break thousands of Dutch hearts, who were clad in Orange at Soccer City.

Although this World Cup was better than the previous one, which was held in Germany in 2006; in terms of goals scored, but certainly no one is going to remember this World Cup for that nor for the fact that Spain made history by winning it for the first time ever! On the contrary this World Cup shall be remembered for the ages to come; for the dismal performance by some of the most experienced footballing nations(Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy & England) & the star players such as (Rooney, Messi, C.Ronaldo, Drogba, Eto, etc) although some superstars were lucky to be suffering from injuries (Ka’ka & F.Torres), for this served for them as an excellent excuse for a disappointing performance & lets not forget our notable REFEREES! Surprised? Yes, You Should be!

It is not a secret that in some of the matches the refereeing was very controversial, for instance, the Knock Out match between Germany & England, in which the English mid-fielder, ‘Frank Lampard’ was actually robbed of a spectacular goal. The Ball hit the crossbar & bounced inside the Goal(behind the goal line) & came back out! It was the duty of the linesmen to notify the referee about the goal but to everyone’s surprise no decision was taken in favour of Mr.Lampard. Similarly, another incident involving Argentina’s Carlos Tevez in a match against Mexico, an off-side goal was wrongly & unjustly granted in favour of C.Tevez, although the T.V replays showed otherwise.

Now lets analyse the the final match between Spain & Netherlands, the match official was some English referee, who according to me held some sort of personal grudge with the deserving Dutch. Following are some of the reasons as to why I feel so:

1. The entire Dutch Team was Yellow Carded & one of the defenders Hietenga was wrongly Red Carded.

2. The Dutch were robbed of 3 Corner Kicks which could have been proved to be the turning point of the game, as The Dutch are Experts in taking Free Kicks & Corner Kicks. Apart from this they can also produce Long range Lob Passes with sheer pin-point accuracy

3. The Spainiard Heros’, namely A.Iniesta & Carlos Puyol both of whom should have been red carded, were not even booked for their respective offences against the Dutch.

4. Although I admit the Fact that the Dutch player ‘De Jong’ should have been Red Carded for thumping his high heel on the chest of Xabi Alonso, but he too enjoyed some respite from the referee.

Nevertheless, the World Cup Ended on a high note with D.Forlan winning the Golden Ball Award & T.Muller of Germany winning the Golden Boot Award & Ikler Casillas winning the Golden Glove Award. Unfortunately D.Villa & M.Klose failed to make history. D.Villa could have broken the Spain’s National record for scoring most Goals on International Level which is held by Gonzalo Ra’ul on a tally of 44 goals, while David Villa has bagged in a marvelous 43 goals. As for M.Klose of Germany, he could have broken record of 15 goals tally held by ‘The Phenomenon’ Ronaldo of Brazil, while M.Klose who probably has played his last World Cup holds a tally of 14 goals.

Anyways Lets hope that FIFA approves the Goal Line technology for the next World Cup which is to be held in Brazil in the year 2014; for most of us i.e ‘fans’ were left disappointed by the Policies adopted by the FIFA President Sepp Blatter in this year’s World Cup of 2010.


FIFA World Cup 2010

The FIFA World Cup 2010, which as you all are aware is being in held South Africa. It is the first time that an African Nation has had the honour of hosting the event. The preparations made by the country to host the World Cup may be below par but this has certainly not dispirited the African Fans. Yesterday South Africa etched its name in history of the FIFA, by not only being the first host nation to be eliminated from the tournament from group stages, but by also defeating one of the Footballing greats France by a Margin of 2 – 0. It was the first time ever that the South African Nation had ever defeated France on such big stage. Although most of us never really expected South Africa to qualify for the last 16 phase(well at least I know I didn’t, but we also never really imagined France to be eliminated with such a  humiliation. The French squad consists of some of the well known Footballers (F.Ribery, G.Cisse, T.Henry, Toulalan, N.Anelka) exited the tournament without a single victory in the group stage. I guess France should try to convince Zinedine Zindane to come back from retirement & show the team how its done.

On the the other hand most of the African nations have failed to impress me so far, except GHANA . I never Imagined teams like Nigeria &
Cameroon & Ivory Coast would put poor performances, despite their strong squads which compromised of players from major clubs of Europe, such as Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea etc… & to be honest the so called ‘God’s of Football’ aka The Samba Boys(Brazilian’s) have also failed to impress me, although they have won both of their qualifying matches so far, but I never really expected such low margin of goals from the 5time World Champions. I never really liked the Brazilian game play but also never expected this from them as well…(perhaps it’s not their fault, they can always blame the kits they are wearing made out of recycled bottles xD)

As for the most disappointing team of the tournament can rightly be granted to the star studded team of England. Yes fellows, England is the team that many of the bookies this year had kept their hopes high on but England sure knows how to discourage betting scandals…. Starting from Robert Green, The England’s no.1 choice, Fabio Capello selected Green over David James, hums….isn’t it a dream of a Coach to win the World Cup??? Well certainly Mr.Capello thinks differently, otherwise he would have sent Robert Green Home back to England after that pathetic display of skill in the match against USA. Next disappointment came from the English Star, Wayne Rooney. Rooney’s form in the EPL is arguably V.good but when it comes to big stage he somehow fails to reproduce his original form, why is that so??? Ans is simple the applied Pressure of being on big screen in front of millions of eyes is just too big for the Manchester United Striker.

Personal favorites To Win this Year’s World Cup:
I am tipping You guys with the following 4teams that would enter the Semi’s this Year, namely they are:

C’mon people don’t be surprised over the selection of Uruguay as one of the hot favorites to win the World Cup this Year ….The Uruguay reminds me of France as they were in the 2006 World Cup, The whole team depended on the mastermind Zidane. Well this time history has repeated itself but only the victims are different. This time its Uruguay’s, ‘Diego Forlan’, who has helped the team to go through the qualifying stages of the Cup. Lets be fair & not to forget the D.Forlan has remained the top scorer of the Spanish League in 2005 & 2009 & the display of ball control that he exhibited against the matches of France & Mexico, were out of this world. I’d personally rate him higher than C.Ronaldo(who by the way is also in his top form this Year)

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