We Don’t Need More ‘OSAMAs’

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Now I would like to ask all the Christians out there, is this what Christianity has taught you? Surely Not! for no religion teaches us to sow hatred & create mischief in the land. According to Mr. Terry Jones, Islam is responsible for the 9/11 attack. Let me remind him that in the Twin Towers attack, not only did Christians lose their precious lives but also innocent Muslims had lost their lives & unfortunately in the aftermath of 9/11 thousands of innocent immigrant Muslims, that were living in the USA for so many year; had to pay the price. Most of them were unjustly arrested & thrown into Jails & kept in long term detentions; as for one’s who were lucky enough to escape the fed’s, they had to face problems of unemployment & racial discrimination, WHY? Simply because they had a predominantly Muslim Name & had origins to Muslim Countries. Still today, unknown number of Muslims who have absolutely nothing to do with Al Qaeda, Taliban or the 9/11 attacks, are being held in Maximum Security Prisons such as Guantanamo Bay!

Mr. Terry Jones, fully well knows that there are about 1.5billion Muslims all around the world & yet he wants to burn down their Religious Book, knowing fully well that it would hurt their sentiments. Isn’t this act of Terrorism? Hurting others willfully, neglecting their existence in general; turning a blind eye & Inciting Violence by passing such rash comments & conducting such practices. Has he even considered the possibility that tomorrow others might start-up to follow in ‘Osama Bin Laden’s’ Footsteps? Surely Mr. Jones is Naive, I personally feel that he should go back to the church & get baptized again! For Christianity DOES NOT BY ANY MEANS teaches how to hurt others, on the contrary, If I remember Correctly, Jesus also taught the lessons of Patience & Tolerance to his followers, although the Jews at that time used to subject him to the meanest of tortures; cannot T.Jones seek any guidance from him or his teachings?

T.Jones Further goes on to say that, ‘Stop the Islamic Law, Stop the Brutality’, Islam NEVER PREACHED BRUTALITY! & as far as I remember it is Mr. Jones country (USA) that has taught Brutality to the world, let me clarify my stance in the following points:

1. The Invasion of Iraq – No Proof of WMD’s has been found up to date! It is of common knowledge that USA attacked Iraq for its Oil Reserves & not of Saddam’s Oppressive Rule, for the last time I checked; when Iran & Iraq went on a head-On massacre(10yr brutal War), Iraq was Supported by the USA & largely funded & Aided to annihilate Iran & Iran by Russia.

2. War in Afghanistan – Afghanistan is well known for growing Opium, which is a drug that has many medical uses & it is quite expensive to attain it, but in the mountainous regions of Afghan Territory,  it is found abundantly So this War is also not justified under the guise of ‘War on Terror’.

3. Occupation of Palestine – The USA has continually supported the Israel on its stance against Palestine. The Brutality of the Israeli Military is well known all around the globe & yet the USA Funds Israel every Year & those figures amount to billions of Dollars! (If you people think Israel is an ‘All Saint country’, think again! No action has been taken against Israel for attacking the Flotilla) & to be honest nothing will ever be done except for a few remarks will be passed, condemning the attack! & apart from that Israel has also illegally occupied Palestinian Land for decades & USA has turned a blind eye to this issue!

Jones furthermore goes on to comment that Women aren’t allowed to drive a Car in, ‘Saudi Arabia’, what Saudi Arabia Does allow or does not allow, it has nothing to do with Islamic Law for it is the country’s law! If tomorrow Italy Prohibits Tourism in Vatican (due to any reason) does that mean I should relate it to Christianity? Certainly not! For doing so would be meaningless & baseless!

T.Jones also claims that, ‘Islam is off the Devil, it teaches brutality & hate’. Now let me ask you guys, why does the West always turn a blind eye to better part of Islam, which teaches brotherhood, peace, justice & prohibits all sorts of Social & Moral Evils of the Society? If I remember correctly USA currently ranks on top of the list in terms of Social & Moral Crimes such as murders, theft, rape, discrimination on the basis of race, etc

Jones’s comments only come due to the fear that Muslims will be counted as a Majority in the USA, for reference view the above posted link:
3:16: ‘We Are Going to End Up Like Europe, Look at England, Look at Germany, Look at Holland’, mind you, I have never in my entire life heard such racist comment, does he mean to imply that these countries are also Terrorists or is he implying that Muslims living in these countries are to be considered as filth?

I recommend T.Jones to keep his trap shut, for his remarks do not solve any problems, neither they justify his stance of living in a ‘Free Country’ & further more such remarks are only destined to give birth to more ‘Osamas’, while the world has already got its hands full of One Osama Bin Laden!

I Do Not Have Anything Against the USA & its Citizens, I have Only Stated some of the Facts which are generally not known to the People of USA themselves!


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