Justice Should be Served..

A few days ago, an incident took place  in Lahore, Pakistan; where a U.S civilian, ‘Raymond Davis’, an employee of the U.S consulate opened fire on two Pakistani Citizen & claimed to have done so in self-defence. According to his version of the  the story, Raymond was being chased by two motorcyclists who were allegedly armed & had attempted to kill him & in the process Raymond’s car had also overrun an innocent pedestrian, but according to eye witnesses, Raymond’s car sped away after shooting his assailants. It took two traffic police personnel to stop him & later on arrested Raymond.

The initial reaction of  The U.S Government was that they would fully co-operate with the Pakistani Authorities & would respect the legal criminal procedures that are necessary, but now as the story seems to be emerging, the U.S government is pressurizing the Pakistani Authorities & demanding an immediate release of  the suspect under the claim that he was a diplomat & deserves the diplomatic immunity.

I being a Pakistani Citizen personally feel that U.S should stop interfering into the matters that take place inside the Pakistani Borders. As I was following this story, a thought occurred to me that if Raymond was indeed innocent then, why did he not call the police after shooting those two criminals? Instead he decides to go on the run & gets himself arrested.

A Similar Story occurred a few years ago, a Pakistani Citizen, Dr. Afia  Siddiqui, who was a graduate from the MIT institute, considered as one of the best in the world in the field of Medicine, was accused of murdering 2 U.S soldiers & she too claimed to have done it in self-defence, but the result was that she tortured for 5Years in prison & later when her trial was conducted, she was termed guilty by the prejudiced court of America. The evidence that was found on the crime scene clearly told a different tale of the entire crime scene, but yet she was given a life term of 80 years  in Prison.

When the matter was  brought up to the Pakistani Authorities, they pleaded to the U.S Authorities for her immediate release, but all was in vain. Now my question is that why in the world should Pakistani Government listen to the U.S pleas in the matter of Raymond? Being a Diplomat grants him diplomatic immunity but no one is above the law. Henceforth I urge the Pakistani Government to conduct all the necessary proceedings & if necessary punish Raymond accordingly. The ‘Tit for Tat’ rule must be applied & ‘At least For Once Justice be should be SERVED!’

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