Blackberry & Secrecy…

Recently I read an article in the ‘Daily Dawn Newspaper’, which is one of the top newspapers, here in Pakistan; & what I read totally shocked me! An article stated that Blackberry phones were to be banned in countries, namely United Arab Emirates(U.A.E), Saudi Arabia & India was even considering to follow in on such a move, because Practically they couldn’t monitor the chat from Blackberry phones.

Now this made me ponder over this Secrecy Issue, I mean why the hell does Blackberry a Mobile Operating Company has to provide such high scale privacy to its users? The Privacy Scale is such that it cannot be monitored & detected by the respective Governments! The Privacy Issue might seem to many UsersĀ  as ‘CONVENIENT & SATISFACTORY’, but has the Blackberry Team given it a thought as to what damage such a technology could do to the World i.e if fallen in Wrong Hands? Terrorist activities could go undetected & who else would be to blame other than the manufacturers.

My Theory:
As this might seem an interesting Issue, I couldn’t help but to think that Since Blackberry Phones are a Product of USA, The US Government & Respective Department of Security could very well have an easy access in monitoring every minute details of the so called PRIVATE CHAT of any individual using these phones, If this is true then it also might be True that Such Phones might have been aided & developed solely by the Help of the US Military Intelligence, as it would serve an excellent purpose for the US Marines who are conducting Operations in Various Countries with their Chats going undetected under the guise of a Simple Looking Phone!

Well Whether it is true or not its Simply my Theory which currently makes perfect sense.

My Opinion:
As stated above, If such a technology falls in to the hands of terrorists, it could easily serve their purpose, I personally feel that such Technology should not be made publicly available, furthermore if Blackberry is interested in Introducing such technology in Various countries, then they should also be ready to share the monitored data with the Authorities of respective governments.

I have Nothing against Blackberry or RIM, just voicing my concern & sharing my thoughts.

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