Rules & Regulations

Well this, as you all know is my blog & you guys will find my view’s on various topics. Some of my views may sound way too critical to you people, but the fact is that, it is only my true & fair Opinion about the whole situation & I assure You that the posts that I will be publishing will only be after critically analysing the scenario, so basically I don’t expect you guys to start a useless argument, as I will ensure that there is none; but that certainly doesn’t mean that you guys can’t voice your opinions. Always feel free to leave a feedback via comments, if any of your comments would not be approved, it will only be due to the following reasons:

1. Any sort of Racist Comment, whether based on Religion, Race, Ethnicity or Creed, will not be tolerated.

2. Any comment that is meant to incite feuds will also not be tolerated

3. Any comment which is vulgar & abusive or deemed as such will not be approved.

4. If you guys feel like sharing any video links or image links as a reply to the post, kindly make sure that it does not contain any sort of vulgar & abusive material.

I hope You guys like my posts,
Happy Reading

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